Cannot Login

There are a couple of potential reasons why the login to the OmniSync Server would fail.

  1. You dont have Omnifocus and therefore have never synched

    If that is the case, then this is a problem since right now FocusGTD really relies on having OmniFocus to talk to. If you missed this when you bought the app, you can apply for a refund (please include your Order ID)

  2. You have mistyped username, password or server URL

    In that case, see below.

I cannot log in with my OmniSync Server Account

Typically this is due to using the wrong username. The username for OmniSync Server is not your email address but the account name.

Login to and verify your account name:

Omnisync Server Management UI

When logging into FocusGTD please use the username stated next to 'Account name'.

If you keep having issues, then please install the following application and follow the described steps:

How to install the http test application

  1. You need to allow installation from "Unknown Sources". See for how to do that.
  2. Download and install the following APK: HttpTest App

How to use the http test application

  1. start the application (its called HttpTest) Test App in Launcher
  2. select server type
  3. enter username, password
  4. if you are using a self hosted WebDAV Server, please enter the correct URL poiting to the OmniFocus.ofocus/ directory
  • for the URL it is important to include a trailing backslash, examples for various services are:

    • (if you are using omnisync)
    • (if you are using spootnik)
  1. once you entered this info, then click the back button to hide the virtual keyboard

  2. now click on the pink "message" button to send a test request

  3. once the HTTP request is done the log will show up in the lower part of the screen and the app will prompt you to send the log via email.

  4. in addition, a log file is generated in /sdcard/focusgtd/fgtdlogin-XXX.txt, please copy this to your PC and review that no personal information (such as your password) is present

  5. send the logfile to the support email address so that I can analyze whats going on