Is FocusGTD3 a free upgrade?

No. FocusGTD3 has been in development for over a year and is a massive rewrite of the application backend infrastructure allowing much more advanced features such as proper handling of sequential projects, etc.

Therefore, you will have to purchase FocusGTD3 separately.

Will you be charging me for every small feature upgrade?

Usually not. FocusGTD2 has been supported and maintained for over 5 years. While I cannot promise that FocusGTD3 will receive free feature upgrades for the next 5 years, it will surely be maintained for the next 3 years or so.

I have just bought FocusGTD2, can I upgrade for free?

If you have purchased FocusGTD2 after April 1st 2019, you can request a free upgrade. Please email to support@focusgtdapp.com with the subject "Free upgrade to FocusGTD3".

Please provide your playstore transaction id when doing so.

Whats new in FocusGTD3?

FocusGTD3`s backend database, logic and synchronization logic has been rewritten from the ground up to be faster, more reliable and feature rich. In comparison to FocusGTD2, sync is approximately 2x faster. Also the new version fully supports tags and the OmniFocus3 format.

Does FocusGTD support OmniFocus3 and its database format?

FocusGTD3 supports OmniFocus 3 and it is safe to upgrade the database. Make sure you have upgraded to FocusGTD3 before doing so.

Login hangs in "Checking Encryption keys…"?

People report that the app seems to be hung forever in "Checking Encryption keys".


Please leave the decryption for multiple minutes until it completes. It will eventually.

The details

"Forever" is a quite flexible term here. Omni has chosen quite strong encryption which is both time and memory hard. This means that on phones which dont make use of hardware accelerated crypto, this will lead to multiple minutes for the initial calculation of the keys. If your phone has less than 3GB of RAM or an older processor this might even take longer.

Unfortunately, this cant be helped.

Android is quite bad in common crypto support, which means that different hardware vendors support different crypto algorithms in which case FocusGTD has to fall back to software based algorithms (which in turn cause long decryption times).

Note that this only affects the very first sync (and every time you wipe your data). All subsequent syncs should be faster since certain bits are cached.

FocusGTD shows "error during synchronization"

This could be due to the new OmniFocus sync format that was introduced with OmniFocus 2.6.1. Please see here for more details.

Can I get the app outside of GooglePlay?

Yes, you can get it in the Amazon AppStore:

I cannot log in with my OmniSync Server Account

This is a quite frequent problem, please see the details here.

FocusGTD is asking me for a synchronization Passphrase

Usually this happens because you have Omnifocus configured to use a distinct encryption passphrase from your Account password. While this adds more security (and prevents Omni to be able to decrypt your data) this requires you to remember the 2 different passwords (account password and encryption passphrase).

If you dont remember setting up a separate encryption passphrase then please ensure that in OmniFocus the encryption passphrase is linked to the account password.

  1. Open the synchronization settings

    Open Sync settings

  2. Choose "Link passwords" to ensure that your account password and encryption passphrase are the same.

    Open Sync settings

Note that FocusGTD does support a separate encryption passphrase so if you remember both passwords then you should be able to use distinct passwords.

For more information about sync passphrases check the OmniFocus documentation.

Synchronization is slow

In case you are experiencing slow synchronization this is often caused by outdated client applications that OmniFocus thinks are still relevant. This prevents OmniFocus from cleaning up and compressing the database. In order to clear out no longer needed clients follow these steps:

  1. In OmniFocus on the Mac open preferences and select the Sync tab Synchronization Preferences
  2. Click on "Show Clients"
  3. On the following screen you might see a few clients that are no longer relevant. Unregister Clients Those clients which have not been synchronized for a longer time will show up with an exclamation mark. Review these clients and unregister any superfluous client.

In addition you can follow this guide to reduce the size of your database: http://support.omnigroup.com/reduce-size-OmniFocus-database

FocusGTD no longer matches up with OmniFocus / no longer syncs

Synchronization issues can occur for a number of reasons. OmniFocus is storing updates to its database in a number of small files. Should one of these files get lost then it can happen that OmniFocus on the Mac no longer matches with the state of FocusGTD. In such a case do the following:

  1. Synchronize all clients (under the assumption that OmniFocus for Mac and iOS are still in sync) and make sure that they are up to date (otherwise non-synched tasks made on iOS might get lost)
  2. In OmniFocus on the Mac, select File->Move Old Data to Archive Move to archive
  3. Select File->Replace Server Database... which will replace all data with the server with data from OmniFocus on your MacReplace Server Database
  4. In FocusGTD Click on Settings Settings
  5. And choose "Delete Database" Delete Database
  6. Synchronize FocusGTD again

Nothing helped, it still does not sync. What should I do?

Consider if you can share your sync server content (by downloading the files and zipping them up). If you can, then email the file to support@focusgtdapp.com.

Note that this will expose your private data in your tasks. The development team will try and recreate the synchronization issue you are experiencing and fix any synchronization issues. After this your data will be deleted. We take your privacy very seriously.

If you are using omnisync server and you don't know how to download, log in to https://manage.sync.omnigroup.com and use the 'Retrieve Data' function to download:

Download Server Content

Synchronization is stopping intermittently, why?

If you are using Android 6.0 there is a "new feature" that cancels synchronizers if they don't perform any network activity for a certain period of time (see here and vote to get this resolved).

The result is that the sync will stop with a red sync icon and only repeatedly retriggering the sync will eventually cause the synchronization to succeed.

If you have Android 6.0 or higher and are suffering from this issue, you can disable sync cancellation in the settings screen: sync cancellation

Note that turning this "workaround" on will also ignore other cancellations of the synchronization (e.g. when the phone is shutting down or when the user tries to cancel a hanging synch), therefore use this only if you must.

I am hosting my own apache and get upload problems

See information here to find out more.

FocusGTD Accounts disappear after a phone reboot or app upgrade. What the heck?

Unfortunately you have been bit by a series of Android Bugs which started with 4.1 but still affect users with even Android 4.4.2. which causes FocusGTD accounts (to be more precise accounts of all paid apps) to be removed during app upgrade and phone reboot.

The details to these bugs are listed here:

Therefore, I have created an app that will work around this issue:

Workaround App

Info for Samsung users: at present you'll need this app too, see http://developer.samsung.com/forum/board/thread/view.do?boardName=GeneralB&messageId=232748

The bug causes accounts of paid apps to be removed when Android boots up (or when you upgrade the currently installed version). To work around this issue this app pretends to provide the same account type that FocusGTD provides. This is enough to convince Android to keep the account.

FocusGTD is requiring a new permission to read phone infomation. Why???

Turns out that this is actually not needed and will be removed from upcoming releases. It stemmed from the author following tutorials for implementing widgets which all required this permission without a real need for it.

I am having problems with synchronization. What should I do?

Since version 2.0.21 there is a new information screen in the settings dialog.

Settings Screen

If the app has noticed synchronization problems then they should show up on this screen. Please contact support at focusgtdapp.com to get help.

Which features are currently supported

  • All operations for Tasks / Projects / Tags
  • Repeating tasks
  • Task Notes (including text styles)
  • Notifications with snooze when Tasks become due
  • Widgets
  • Create new task from share sheet
  • Synchronization with Omnifocus on Mac and iOS
  • Forecast view
  • Omnifocus encrypted sync file format

Which features are currently not supported

  • Geo-Fencing and task locations
  • Perspectives (the app does however feature a number of useful queries / lists)
  • Attachments
  • No integrated calendar in Forecast View
  • Custom alarms